Other things to do in Bequia

Visit St Vincent
The main island is very lush, with hills, rivers and rainforest with parrots, warblers the black hawk, the cocoa thrush, the crested hummingbird, the red-capped green tanager and the green heron. In the Botanical Gardens founded in 1765, grows a breadfruit tree descended from the original one brought to the island in 1793 from Tahiti by Captain William Bligh of the Bounty. The island be reached by Ferry in 1 hour.
Sam Taxi and Tours Tel: (784) 456 4338

There is a tennis court at the bottom of our drive, or another at The Gingerbread Hotel down on the seafront before Port Elizabeth. Maranne's Ice Cream Parlour is tucked in under The Gingerbread for later. Tel: (784) 458 3800

Guided Nature Hike
Discover Bequia on foot. Hikes for all ages for one hour or more, anytime.
Contact: "Bushman" Brent Gooding (784) 495 2524

Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary in Park Bay
Created by a fisherman Orton (Brother) King, dedicated to saving Hawksbill turtles returning them back to the sea when big enough to survive in the ocean - he is a fount of stories and in his diving days even came face to face with tiger sharks.
Old Hegg Website

Friendship Bay with the Whaling Station on its island offshore, a long sandy beach on the Atlantic side. The Spring Pottery. The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary in Park Bay. Cricket and Football matches at the games field in Port Elizabeth. Moonhole,

An extraordinary and mysterious creation of homes built by an American architect Tom Johnston, into the rocky sea cliffs, with natural curving and sloping walls open to the air with neither doors nor windows. Found beyond the Airport and Adams Bay, tours can be arranged in advance.
Tel: (784) 458 3068

Hamilton Fort
An 18th century fort on the far side of Admiralty Bay beyond Port Elizabeth guarded by sea-worn cannons.

The Mustique Blues Festival in late January
Bequia Blues Festival in association with Basil's Bar, Mustique, end of January
The Bequia Easter Regatta in April
The Canouan Regatta in May
The St. Vincent Carnival during the first week of July
Fishing Tournament organized by The Rotary Club, in July

Bequians love music and many of the restaurants have live music on certain nights. The Friday night live band and jump-up, where both locals and visitors to the island join in alike at Devil's Table, is legendary. The Thursday night there is a well-attended steel pan band and jump-up at The Frangipani - either joining in at the bar or (with reservation) for the BBQ. On Friday and Saturday nights, both local places, Penthouse and Bedrock have dancing until the small hours.

Health, Beauty and Fitness
Aqua on Bequia in Belmont, on the main road.
Tel: (784 )458 3761 or 431 6332
Emma's Onshore/Offshore Hairdressing.
Tel: (784) 455 5820
Full Body Massage Therapy Marc Erdrich or Ruth Boerger By appt. in your own home.
Tel:(784) 457 5625 or 430 5763
Reflexology, the ancient healing and relaxing art of foot massage, Val Whitney.
Tel: (784) 458 3883
There is also a Homeopath, a Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist on the island.